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Using Apple Mac with SPLink
Ticket: 2329
Created: 11/30/2015
Modified: 9/5/2017
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SPLink is not natively supported on any OS other than Windows(TM) currently.


There are a few work arounds.



accessing the SP PRO from a Mac computer. What was suggested was the following:


1. Connect a PC to the SP PRO via either USB, Network connected or zibee wireless device.

2. Connect the PC to the internet.

3. Install and run SP LINK on the PC.

4. Go to TeamViewer.com and download and Install "For unattended access: TeamViewer Host " on the PC

5. From the same web site download and install "TeamViewer full version - Mac" on your Mac. This is free for non commercial use.

6. Follow the instructions on the TeamViewer site to run teamViewer on the Mac to access the PC.


NOTE: Once TeamView has been set up on the customer's PC, then that PC, and SP LINK, can be accessed from anyone running Teamviewer (including the customer) any where in the world.


Other solutions available are:

Install Virtual Machine software on the Mac.

Then install a Windows machine on Virtual Machine.

This allows SPLink to be installed onto the virtual machine.


From the Virtual Machine, the SP PRO can be accessed via :

1- Direct connect

2- Network connection (If serial to Ethernet has been installed)

3- Zigbee connection


There other Virtual Machine applications that can be used also.