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ABB Off Grid Settings
Ticket: 8133
Created: 10/26/2017
Modified: 10/26/2017
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In a lot of cases of Off Grid Installations, a generator is used.


When the Generator is being used, the system frequency is that of the generator.


Due to the frequency variation of generators, the ABB PVI models will disconnect due to frequency if they have not been adjusted.

This is very noticeable since the introduction of AS4777.2 : 2015 from November 2016, which has made the unimpeded operational frequency range very small.


To overcome this for Off Grid installations only the follow changes can be made.


You will need to contact ABB for the Code to be able to access the Service Settings menu


Country standard    
CEI-021 INT    
Parameter Setting unit
Service Menu    
Set F>> 55 Hz
Set F<< 45 Hz
Set F> 55 Hz
Set F< 45 Hz
Set Uconn> 264 V
Set Uconn< 200 V
Set Fconn> 53 Hz
Set Fconn< 46 Hz
Set Time F>> 2000 ms
Set Time F<< 2000 ms
Set Time F> 2000 ms
Set Time F< 2000 ms
Set time conn 1 60 s
Set time conn 2 60  
Disable U> (10Min) Disbale  
U> (10Min) Der. Disable  
Slow Ramp Disable  
OF Derating Disable  
Settings Menu    
Language English  
Reactive power Disable