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Connecting to an SP PRO
Ticket: 7632
Created: 9/3/2017
Modified: 9/5/2017
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Connecting to an SP PRO


First make sure you have the latest SPLink installed 


If you start SPLink or SPLink Monitor up.


After clearing any help screens, easy start guide etc.


Then press Ctrl N

enter a site name


then the model


Then change to the Connection Settings tab



If your SPPRO looks like


Then you need to connect the cable set that came with the SPPRO to the Port 1 connection inside, possible there is a cable coming from the SPPRO.

The cable set when put together has an RJ45 (looks like a network connector) and a USB connector.

Plug the USB into the computer and select Serial.

Click Find SPPRO or select the COM port that appears and disappears when the USB is plugged in and pulled out.

Then Click Connect.




If your SPPRO look like


You should see

Click Connect



If you are using the Zigbee kit


it should look like this - below shows what a ZigBee Wireless connection looks like, it is similar for a USB cable, it would show Model and serial number


Click the Connect button


You will be asked to save the Site file, do that and click Save Site


It should connect for you then.