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Downloading Performance Data
Ticket: 7631
Created: 9/3/2017
Modified: 9/3/2017
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You must first install SPLink and have a connection to the SPPRO.


To download the information from the SP PRO.

1/ be connected to the SP PRO



2/ select "Download All"

select download all

downloading will commence


you will see



3/ When downloading is complete you will see



If you have been asked to send the "zip" file, please select Open Download Folder and jump to next step (4)

If you wish to View Data with the Performance Viewer - select Launch Performance Viewer and go to step 20 - Note: Only available if Microsoft Excel is installed.


4/ Now select the zip file

5/ Email the zip file to support@selectronic.com.au or just reply the email you were sent with this file attached.


20/ For viewing performance data

If you have Microsoft Excel installed you will be able to Launch the Performance Data Viewer, if you do not, you can not view the data on this computer.


21/ Enable Macros and Data Links if asked to,



Sometimes, Excel will not have the data loaded, in this case, you will need to close Excel, and Launch the Performance Data Viewer from the menu shown in point 2, and then use the Load Performance Data button, you select any of the excel files shown in point 4. The files are located in the same folder as the "Site" file.


Once loaded there are many graphs already available to view the data.