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SPLink Comms Connection
Ticket: 4898
Created: 11/16/2016
Modified: 9/3/2017
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SPLink :-


Direct -  is for older versions of SPLink

it has been replaced with







Common problems:

0/ Make sure Only one copy of SPLink is running. Multiple copies can fight for the same COM port.


1/ something plugged into the serial port as well as the USB

       REMOVE any device connected to the DB9 or internal Port 1.


2/ The model is shown but connection fails





First try clicking and selecting then Connect



If this does not work


Select Wireless or Serial (on SPLink that has it, if this does not work, then try again with set to Wireless)


then click COM box


Remove the USB -  a COM port should disappear (you should get a bing bong sound from the computer)


Plug the cable back in - a COM port should appear (COM7 in this example) (you should get a bing bong sound from the computer)


Select the COM port and click Connect


If you did not see a COM disappear and reappear, then there is an issue with the windows driver and it needs the driver updated or reinstalled.

Sometimes removing SPLink and reinstalling it will fix this issue. It can be caused by windows updates or other programs.