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Quick N Easy: SQL Server Express 2016 install
Ticket: 22769
Created: 6/16/2016
Modified: 6/23/2016
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Quick N Easy: Install Microsoft SQL Server Express 2016


Download and install the latest version of SQL Server Express available (currently 2016):


Follow the above link and click on

, which will take you to the [Download] area.  The 2016 Express Edition will download the appropriate bit architecture for your machine.

Press the [Download] button and save the file.  Execute the "SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe" from your downloads.  Choose the [Custom] install.

Unless otherwise suiting your environment, take all default answers and select [Next].

Select 'New SQL-Server stand-alone installation...'

Do not enable “Use Microsoft Update to check for updates”.  Doing so in my testing always causes the installation process to infinitely loop on downloading an update.  You can update after the installation.

At the ‘Install Rules’ screen verify/rectify all ‘Status’ to “Passed”.  If items show other than “Passed” select the “Warning” and follow Microsoft’s instructions for fixing each issue.

Feature Selection:

The only feature required is “Database Engine Services”.  Your installation may require additional (i.e. – if you replicate SQL Servers or do development).

Instance Configuration:

Rename the instance to at least the SQL Version (e.g. – SQLExpress2016).

Server Configuration:

Leave all of the defaults as is.  ‘Browser’ should be “disabled” (default) due to security.  Do not change information on {Service Accounts} nor {Collation}.

Database Engine Configuration:

If your network uses Active Directory, select “Windows Authentication”.  Otherwise select ‘Mixed Mode’.

It may help your Windows Application logs to include “NT Authority\SYSTEM” and your “Administrators” group to the “SQL Server Administrators” at the bottom.

Wait for the installation process to complete.  All item ‘Status’ should be “Succeeded”.

Select [Close].



Upon verification through ‘Windows Apps & Features’, even the minimal Custom ‘Database Engine Services’ selection installs more than expected.

*** End of Install, beginning additional for administration***


Apps now installed on this server will show as:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (this is an old installation download – no idea why it's included)
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (this now has Configuration Manager for port control of service)

  • Run the same downloaded installation application again, but this time select “Install SQL Server Management Tools”.  Or you can download it directly from:


  • Start and [Install] the download, closing when complete.
  • Run ‘SQL Server Configuration Manager 2016’ under ‘Configuration Tools’.
  • Expand ‘SQL Server Network Configuration’ > ‘Protocols for ServerName’ and verify that “TCP/IP” and/or “Named Pipes” is enabled.  Our recommendation is to use static IP address and TCP/IP.  Open TCP/IP, scroll to the bottom and make note of IP Address and the IPAll> TCP Dynamic Port # (port).  ^Unless otherwise determined by your IT Group.
  • At this point, you’re ready for Titanium Schedule installation instructions.
  • Since this is done with Express, there is not an automated SQL Backup utility provided.  If you’re installing SQL Express, please request our “OSQL Sample Batch files” which you can then automate your backups via Windows Scheduler.