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Audit Actions screen showing wrong user and client related to a Termination action
Ticket: 21182
Created: 4/3/2016
Modified: 1/17/2019
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In the initial release of Titanium Schedule that included Termination features, there was a bug that inverted the identifiers related to the Termination of a user's assignment to a Client when recording the appropriate Audit Action.  This bug had no effect on the functional behavior of Termination features.

This will be fixed for all affected centers in the next schema update (date currently TBD).


However, you can fix the issue immediately by running the following script and updating to the latest version of Titanium Schedule (10.57.16116.1810 or greater).


This script can be safely run multiple times, so you can run it safely even if you are unsure whether it has been already run on your database.  You can also safely run it on any version of the database without ill effect.

This script may take a few minutes to finish executing.


update AA set AA.Id1 = AA.Id2, AA.Id2 = AA.Id1, AA.Area = 'CR' from AuditAction AA join AuditLogin AL on AA.SessionId = AL.Id where AL.ApplicationVersion <= '10.57.16093.2335' and AA.Area = 'CLRS' and AA.Action = 'TERM'